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Eastenders Christmas Special

BATCAM Fly onsite at Albert Square to deliver a cinema package for the Eastenders Christmas special. Shot in 4k Log with a 20-120 cinema zoom lens.

BATCAM drone shot above Arsenal Emirates Stadium London, during lockdown.

Premier League

BATCAM has been delivering innovative solutions for the Premier League since 2019, and the 22/23 season was no exception. Our cutting-edge technology, including BATCAM Fly for stunning aerial footage, BATCAM Wire2pt for incredible tracking coverage, and BATCAM HOLD for cinematic player and fan shots with shallow depth of field, provided an unforgettable viewing experience for sports fans worldwide. Our commitment to utilizing the latest technology and providing high-quality services makes us a trusted partner for international broadcasters and rights holders.


Glastonbury 2023

BATCAM was delighted to be the first drone provider allowed onsite at the world famous Glastonbury festival. Our UK CAA OSC permission allows us to operate as close as 30m to uninvolved persons. BATCAM Fly wowed an estimated 7 million viewers watching at home as well as 120,000 in the crowd for Elton John's farewell UK performance, spanning a 70 year career. BATCAM honoured to be a small part of it.


The Ashes 2023

BATCAM is delighted to embark on our 9th year of Sky Sports cricket coverage! We are providing BATCAM Fly and Drive throughout the international and domestic calendar. Including the Ashes!


batcam Services


Using the latest in drone technology, FPV can provide incredible sweeping shots for film , tv and drama with multiple payloads suitable for the project in mind.

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Let the stars control the camera with BATCAM Selfie

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Portable dolly? We got you covered with BATCAM DRIVE. Shown here as a roving reporting!

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Get fixed position aerial shots with BATCAM Wire2pt our point to point wirecam system.

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Our larger BATCAM Hold option with the option of live 200fps in EVS.

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The original and the best cinestyle option for live broadcast. Our experience using cinema cameras to integrate into broadcasts is second to none having provided all the cinestyle camera for the last international sporting events.

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Why compromise? Our live aerial system BATCAM FLY is the leading and proven aerial product in the broadcasting industry. Made purposely to integrate into any professional broadcast. BATCAM FLY offers a cost-effective high quality product that will elevate your broadcast.

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What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

"I doft my cap to the drone operator at Glastonbury last night. He got everything just right, the perspective was absolutely awesome. Bang in the middle of the triangle that is the pyramid stage and as he elevated, higher and higher the perspective of the horizon came into shot. It the most romantic, beautiful picture I have ever seen in Glastonbury's historical coverage."

Vernon Kay


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