What is a BATCAM™?

BATCAM™ is a remote-controlled camera in the sky with unlimited potential to bring you spectacular footage. Want a shot starting at eye-line or swooping up to 400ft? Why be limited to a jib or a crane? We can provide images to drool over without the limitation of a piece of metal or boom. Our Batcam's will deliver the shot you are picturing in your head! Be part of exciting technology and get material previously unattainable. 


BATCAM™ can lift professional cameras up to a RED Epic weight class. We are not restricted to a particular camera, our BATCAM gimbals have the capability to lift a number of high end cameras. BATCAM™ can provide top end 4k-6k material with that added wow factor. Don't pay for that jib or crane, BATCAM™ can offer the same incredible shot without the limitation.


Why not come to a BATCAM™ live? Batcam works with the UK's largest broadcasters such as BSKYB BTSPORT, BBC, CHANNEL 4 and more. A new and exciting perspective in coverage. We use a custom designed lightweight HD transmitter that has a range up to 2km! Our new BATBOX™ system allows engineers to shade the video LIVE from the ground. Batcam™ is a revolutionary prospect with an endless amount of possibilities. We also take care of all the paperwork to enable our clients to concentrate solely on the content!


Want aerial shots of your office building or a tour of your golf course? With a CAA approved height of up to 400ft and 30m within congested areas. BATCAM™ can get that aerial shot that you need for your website or corporate video. The possibilities are endless!



  • professional drone filming with an industry leading production company

  • state of the art equipment that makes all the difference on screen

  • Customised equipment for live broadcast

  • multiple sources of great shots. Batcam, Ratcam and handheld

  • onsite editing - edit native 4k footage onsite with editors with vast experience

  • fully legal and licensed CAA approved (BNUCS) pilots

  • Fully insured with £5m public liability